Learning Themes



During math

Math is held each day, from 9:10 until 10:00.  We use the Singapore Mathematics program. Students are helped to move between their textbooks and workbooks and work at their own pace. After each set of books is completed, a thorough assessment is given. A passing grade of at least 80% is necessary for a child to receive the next set of books. If there are “holes” or issues with particular concepts, practice sets will be given until the skill is secure. 

Singapore is the cornerstone of our math program, but it is not the entirety of our program. We will also be learning with hands-on manipulatives and various projects throughout the school year! 


Students will be met with one-on-one during quiet reading time throughout the week to focus on their individual needs. As a class, literacy will be focused on our learning themes for the given quarter, in which there will be a culminating project. Students will also be given weekly writing tasks and spelling words that will emphasize phonics and grammar.