• Tate Alvarez

Week 6

Week 6 already?? It has been an amazing first six weeks for us in our first and second grade classroom! Students have all of our systems and routines down and are growing and growing each and every day.

This week was a sweet one, but the highlight of my week was on Wednesday during quiet reading. It was such a beautiful day and we really took advantage of the sunshine. We spent our time outside at County Farm Park, curled up and getting some good reading in. Afterwards, we had some playtime on the playground.

We also, this week, read Last Stop on Market Street, which will really help anchor our artwork for our final project. Next week, we will begin sketching out our special places in our community and asking ourselves, "How does this place help make me who I am?" I am so excited to start on this final project!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!


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