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A Week of Remote Learning

WOO. We made it through this week of remote learning. On Sunday we were all notified we were going remote and by Monday we had wheels in motion. What a whirlwind.

While we were remote, we continued to read about ways to create a strong community. This week we focused on Change Makers, and what these change makers have in common. We read the books, Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, Before We Eat, Creekfinding, and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

Each of the students found different commonalities of these Changemakers. For example, some students noticed that each of the people we read about was told ‘no’ or were laughed at for their ideas, but they remained confident that their ideas were important ones and persisted. Some noticed that although these ideas came from one person, none of the changes would have occurred had they worked alone. The togetherness of the community was pivotal in the changes that were made in each of our stories. A couple of students noticed something so simple that it had been over my head – they all noticed a problem. So simple. Their eyes were open and they simply paid attention to the world around them, saw something they knew could be better, and worked toward changing it… even through adversity. Being on Zoom can make it difficult for us, especially so young, to have the types of conversations we have in the classroom, but they really blew me away with their responses.

This week, students also worked on completing their maps. Project time was a time I was most nervous about because normally I’m there walking around and can physically see what they’re doing to help guide them. I was super impressed at their ability to continue on with this project more independently. They really care about their final product and our goal of constructing a 3d model of our community and that was especially apparent to me this week.

Below are some pictures of their maps completed):

We also focused on Trans Awareness Week, and it was celebrated during our Morning Meetings every morning with a story and with a Poem that we read together on Wednesday. I created a Slideshow of the poem and all of their illustrations they created to support Trans folks and specifically Trans youth. Seeing what they drew and hearing their explanations of what they did was such a special moment for me as an educator. You have all raised such kind, caring, and beautiful children full of love in their tiny hearts.

Below is our presentation:

This week was different and had some hiccups, but overall, I am happy with how it went. Although we were not physically together, I still felt a sense of community and togetherness with the students. I am grateful for them and for all of you for being such a great help this week. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.

Usually, I end the blog with pictures of the kids climbing trees and having a blast at CFP in hopes of making you smile. This week, since I don’t have those, I’ll share a picture of my beautiful Millie in hopes that it will have the same effect. :)



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