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Guest Blogger - Avi

Hi, my name is Avi and I am in first grade. I hope you all enjoy my blog today!

During project time, we’ve been learning about National Parks. Today we presented during our community meeting. Me and my classmates said different things we liked about the national parks we’ve been to. My favorite national park is the Everglades. The everglades are in Florida. My favorite thing about it is that it can get 60 inches of rain and 152cm. There are lots of animals that live there because there are many kinds of habitats.

On Thursday we had a musical performance. All year we were practicing the songs with our ukuleles and drums. We learned how to play six songs. My favorite song was Mother Earth. We played the drums to this song. I felt excited to play with the whole school.

My favorite part of the week is when we go to County Farm Park on Fridays. I like it because sometimes we get to hike and there are lots of different flowers and animals. When we don’t hike, we play lots of fun games with each other. My favorite things to do while we’re there are play tag or go on hikes. When it snowed during the winter, I loved to go snow hiking.

Thank you for reading the blog for first and second graders! We can’t wait for you to read our next blog.



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