• Tate Alvarez

Back in the Building?!

Ah. Alas, we found ourselves back in the building safe and sound. It was so wonderful to be able to spend this week in person, to hear their laughter, and to truly be able to feel the joy in our classroom.

Normally, I am wordy with these posts, but today I just want to share with you how grateful I am to be apart of this community. Thank you for a wonderful first half of the school year - it hasn't been without its hiccups, but it has certainly filled my teacher heart to the brim.

Please enjoy these photos and have a happy, healthy, and peaceful winter break.

Above are some photos of some time spent in our courtyard!

Some photos of us enjoying our favorite place to be, County Farm Park!!

Creating our tie dye 6-point snowflakes!! (After reading Snowflake Bentley)

Snapping photos of us underneath our beautiful snowflake creations!!

See you in the new year!



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