• Tate Alvarez

Build a Cookie Cottage

Throughout the month of December, we will be sharing family traditions with one another. A wonderful holiday tradition in many families is to decorate graham cracker cookie houses - and we will be doing just that on December 20th! Susan and I will be providing graham cracker cookie houses to each child, that they will then get to decorate as they wish.

We are asking that you donate 1-2 bags of candy, keeping in mind we are a nut free school at SK. Susan has created a list of candies that have worked for her in the past, in which I will share below.


Dots  gum sticks Necco Wafers  silver dragees gum drops  sugar cubes Red Hots  mini marshmallows thin licorice ropes  Skittles gummy rings  jelly beans Good and Plenty  square pretzels (for windows) colorful cereal

*** If your child has special dietary restrictions, please feel free to send in a special bag of goodies they can munch on while decorating! We will also supply apple slices - (I will provide gluten free houses to those who need it)!

This activity will be done on December 20th, which will be an early dismissal day for students! Please let me know if you have any questions!


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