• Tate Alvarez

First Week Back!

Wow! We are now entering the second half of our year - it's truly hard to believe we're in January. I can say with certainty, this has been the most welcomed new years I’ve yet to experience!

This week, we read the books Jabari Tries, Bear Came Along, Outside In, and Saturday. I wanted to start out our New Year modeling what reading for enjoyment looks like. With these stories, we talked about the universal feelings of frustration and disappointment, but also what people do to work through those feelings. We talked about what we enjoy doing inside and outside and who we enjoy doing those things with. We also read along with animated stories, which the learners really loved!

On a mathematical note, I wanted to share that student growth during our Math Chats have been nothing short of amazing. Their number sense and flexibility with numbers has grown so much and this week we had 100% participation – all correct, but most importantly, all with confidence!!

During Project Time, we pieced our 3d model of our community together and have begun the planning process for how they want to present their work. They decided to make a video presentation, much like they did with the monarch butterflies, but this time students will be taking charge of designing their slides and writing/directing their videos.

Overall, our first week back went smoothly. We enjoyed the company of one another, the fresh air, and the overall community we continue to build. Please enjoy these beautiful photos of the littles at our Happy Place. We went on a lovely nature hike, spotting different winter birds and animal tracks… and fell victim to the icy hills :)

Enjoy your weekend!!


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