• Tate Alvarez

First Week in March!

Our first week in March is over and done, here's what we've been up to!

Lindsey came in during science to share her knowledge over nutrition and its benefit to each of our body systems we're learning about right now. We learned so much and are thankful for her taking the time to teach us!

On Tuesday, Ron and Jen came into the classroom to help facilitate a clinic simulation. Students were able to act as both physician and patient as they took blood pressure, checked on their heart/lungs, conducted reflex tests, and did eye examinations. It was an excellent hands-on experience for our experts!

Later in the day, the students began the creations of their models. The groups in the slideshow above were in the planning stages of creating a model of a bone or the lungs.

On Wednesday, The Burning Phoenixes were able to give another performance that showcased their hard work. They did such an amazing job and should be so proud of themselves.

We finished our week with Kelly, Emma's mom, volunteering her time to share her expertise in the human body. Students learned about the different muscles and what kind of exercises benefit each of the body systems we are studying. We had such a nice time and learned so much!

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