• Tate Alvarez

First Week of School

And the adventure begins! Although schooling looks and feels so unusual, our first week went really well. All masks stayed on and all students were gentle and kind to one another if a reminder was needed.

All week we built up our community and explored around outside. During one of our explorations, Henry T. found a monarch caterpillar that the class decided to name Hamburger. Sadly, as Hamburger was creating their chrysalis, too much fluid was released and they didn't make it :(

This was certainly disappointing for us, but Henry D. and Alex found a new one the very next day. The class decided to name this one Doughnut (I'm sensing a food-based theme here). This little caterpillar is munching on SO much milkweed and is growing well. We're hopeful it will continue to grow, so we can continue to document our observations.

I have to say, as a teacher it has been such a joy to hear laughter and to help foster the curiosity each of the children has. It truly makes my heart happy.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some photos of our week below:



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