• Tate Alvarez

Week 30 - Nora Strikes Again!

My name is Nora and I’m sharing what I thought was the funnest things we did this week and I hope you enjoy my blog post.

On Tuesday, we started doing book clubs. I thought it was really fun because we can take turns reading the book. My reading partner is Isa. We would take turns reading two pages at a time, so we both could listen, but also could read. We’re reading Who Was Coretta Scott King. I have learned that she helped make Black people have more rights.

In project time this week, we learned about the Everglades. One of the books we read was called, Where Gator Hides. I liked this book because it taught you about a lot of the animals you can find in the Everglades. I also liked how they talked about the actions and emotions of each animal. I really liked the patterns of the writing.

Today we went to County Farm Park. We go there every Friday. We walk to County Farm Park and we play there. I think it’s fun because you can climb on the trees and climb on the branches and swing off. We also go to the swamp area of County Farm Park with Mary in Art. We go there and have five minutes to draw something cool we find in the swamp. After that, we play and a cool thing about playing in the swamp is that you can see ducks, river rats, and other creatures!

I hope you enjoyed my blog!



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