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Week 29 - Guest Blogger - Billie!!

Hi, I’m Billie and I am going to do a blog for you.

My favorite part of school is when we take spelling challenges. A spelling challenge is when you have a sheet, and you are trying to spell words correctly. My teacher gives me the words and you can practice by cutting and gluing and putting it together in a sort. You can also practice by reading them out loud. This week I went outside, got some chalk, and then wrote all of my spelling words. Then I took a picture for Seesaw.

I also like Free Project Time. Free Project time is when you can make anything that you want to make. It’s really fun. I have made a purse that was really cool. I made it out of bubble wrap and hot glue. Then you can carry things in it! It was so cool! You can also work with a friend if you want. This week, Isa and I started sewing. We made a pillow that was really fluffy. We actually had stuffing!

I also like storytime! Today we read Redwoods. I learned something really cool about the trees. One of the trees is 379.1 feet! It was so cool. I haven’t even seen a tree that tall!! We are learning about National Parks with Zane. I learned a lot from Zane. It’s really cool to experience a lot of new stuff!

Thank you for reading this post! SCHOOL IS COOL!!


Pearl aka BBB aka Billie

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