• Tate Alvarez

Schooling away from school

Hi Hey Hello!

This has been a whirlwind of a week trying to become a teacher from afar! While days might have looked different in each home, I was happy to see so much learning going on. I'm going to be showcasing what has been going on in each of your homes this week!!

Some of us were still starting our day off right with some mindfulness!! This picture made my heart so happy<3

This slideshow shows some of our first and second graders in their math workbooks and textbooks!

We've had some WONDERFUL creative brainstorming, planning, and writing going on!!

We've also had some GREAT chats!!

Keep on reading. Keep on playing. Keep on laughing.

I'm so proud of what I'm seeing/hearing going on at your homes. I'll leave you with June's impressive read-aloud for this week!

Enjoy your weekend <3


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