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Week 15?! (2nd Week Remote)

Hi Families,

Well, we successfully completed a second week of remote learning. Overall, it is going well, and the kids all continue to impress.

This week, we continued on our journey to building up our communities. I reminded them that just because we do something a certain way, doesn’t mean it always has to continue to be done that way. We can be creative and innovative and think of better ways of being. With that, I introduced different ways people get energy around the world and the different ways we can better be green. They watched this Brainpop Video and read the books Energy Island, Solar Story, Green City, and How a City Works.

While reading, I asked them about ways in which they see people being “green” in these real-life stories that they would like for our community. Answers such as planting more trees, reusing rainwater, having buildings use solar energy with solar panels or windmills, and many other ideas were shared. They carried these ideas over with them for when they began to plan out their city construction project.

Like any good city planner, you have to map out the city before you can build it. The 1/2s have been hard at work for the last few weeks designing their cities. This week, they were each assigned a 12-inch x 12-inch plot of land that they are to be responsible for, that when put together will *roughly* connect by road. Together, we thought back to what we said our community needed to be successful and did our best to make sure we kept those in our minds when designing our maps. Next week, they’ll begin to bring those ideas to life by creating a 3d model of their designs. Below are some of their *fabulous* maps and materials they thought would be helpful for them to have when constructing their models:

While I do miss seeing their smiling faces in person, each and every one of them continues to make me smile from afar.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this picture of Millie (she's getting big)! :)



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