• Tate Alvarez

Week 24

Another week in the books for the 1/2s.

This week we had some wonderful books read to us by even more wonderful volunteers. On Wednesday, JJ's grandparents talked to us about different types of satellites and then read us the book, Max Goes to the Space Station. The book is about a dog (Max) coming aboard the International Space Station and helping the astronauts save the day from a near-disaster! On Thursday, one of Augustus' moms, Victoria, read the book Counting on Katherine, a picture book biography about Katherine Johnson. We have been reading and learning about Katherine Johnson and her brilliance in celebration of Black History and Women's History months, so this extension to her life was so lovely. As always, we are so thankful for family and friends taking the time to join us in any capacity! In addition to reading about Katherine Johnson, we learned about the incomparable Nancy Grace Roman and her contributions to the Hubble Space Telescope.

During our project time, we continued working on our egg drops. Students are deep into the scientific method, testing out their hypotheses, making adjustments as needed, and documenting their process. Our very own Nora, Avi, and Calvin did an amazing job articulating to the entire school what we have been up to during our Community Meeting - we couldn't be more proud of them!

We're also nearing the end of creating our planet mobiles. Students have been working on these once a week, using different media of their choosing. This week we began cutting paper plates into spirals and attaching our colorful planets (full of interesting facts written on them) and will hopefully have these hanging around our classroom by next week!

I hope you all enjoy the sunshine this weekend! I'll leave you with pictures of us enjoying that sun today at County Farm!



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