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Week 26 - Guest Blogger, Nora

A Note From Tate:

Last week we took a bit of a hiatus from the blog, but this week (and weeks to come), you’re in for a delightful treat. Our very own Nora will be our guest blogger and will be followed by Billie, Isa, and Calvin. Nora and I have been taking notes throughout the week and reflecting at the end of each day. For this week, Nora’s breakdown will be similar to my own, but I have let the others know that if they choose to be a guest blogger, it can be in any form they’d like. Without further ado, I give you NORA :)

Hi, I’m Nora and I’m a second-grader. This week I am the guest blogger. Each day I wrote down things that we been doing this week that I had fun doing. We didn’t have school on Monday, so our week started on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy it!


At snack time we went outside to eat. When snack time was over, I pretended I was diving off of a boat. Instead of a boat, I was on a brick bench. I made up my own dives and it was fun because it reminds me of swimming in the ocean, which I like a lot. Then, people started joining me and all of us made up our own dives. It was a lot of fun!

In math, on some days, we play money games. Some about money and some about matching numbers. I like playing money games because you can learn math and at the same time you’re having fun while playing games.

In reading, we learned about Pluto and other dwarf planets in the book called All My Friends are Planets. The book was about how Pluto was the ninth planet in the solar system and how it became a dwarf planet and met other dwarf planets, so it didn’t feel so lonely and met other dwarf planets.


In poetry, Zane led the activity. We looked at Google Maps and we looked at Michigan specifically. When that was over, we made a haiku about Michigan and what we liked about it. When we were done with the poem, we made our own drawing of Michigan using our own hands because Michigan is shaped like a mitten. I liked this activity because I really like making poems and haikus are easy to remember because the syllables are just 5-7-5.

In math, we started with money chats. A money chat is when Tate writes a number on the board. The number means how much the money is worth and you make your own answer to the question. If the number was $35 you could say “35 one-dollar bills.” I like the money chats because I can be creative with my answer and I don’t have to rush with getting my answer because we all go one at a time.


On Thursday, my favorite time of the day was when I made a painting of the ocean. Sometimes after snack time, we watch a video about diving in the ocean, so I drew a diver in my painting. This was during an independent project time where people made stuff that they were interested in and I chose a painting.


On Friday we did the egg drop. The egg drop was fun because we could see if our creation worked. We went outside to the playground to do the drop. One group went at a time. We decided which group would go first and last because Tate asked us to pick a number between 1-20. The group that got the closest answer went first, the one that got the least close answer went last. The results were good. None of the eggs broke! Then after that, we went on a higher structure and again we dropped the eggs and still no eggs cracked! After we came inside, we did a reflection about the egg drop project. The reflection was a checklist about how we thought we did with our group.

I had a great week and I hope you enjoy this blog post!



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