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Week 28!

Hello all,

What an interesting first week back from Spring Break! It’s always an adjustment (for everyone) to implement the hybrid model for learning, so I want to thank everyone for their patience!! I’m interrupting our Guest Blogger because the next people on our list were learning remotely, but we will resume this next week!

This week, during ELA, we focused on reading books for enjoyment. We read the books Eyes that Kiss in the Corner, Ambitious Girl, Zonia’s Rainforest, and Amy Wu & the Perfect Bao. Reading has always been one of my favorite things in the world – bringing peace to my evenings and an escape into a reality beyond my own. It’s important for me, as their teacher, to model that reading doesn’t always have to have an academic purpose. We can read for fun and joy, or as a way to unwind and relax from our busy days. That’s exactly what we did this week. I did want to highlight one of the books that we read. Eyes that Kiss in the Corner is about a girl who notices her eyes are different from her friends, while still recognizing the beauty of her own. The book is so wonderfully written – Joanna Ho’s choice of words gives her character such radical self-love. My hope is that her words would inspire our littles to recognize their differences and see their worth.

Another exciting part of our days this week was yesterday’s EXCELLENT find during Art with Mary. Students found a partial jaw from a mystery animal. Oh, the THRILL. From there, it spiraled into what Summers-Knoll does best … following the lead of the brilliant kids in our community. We took some pictures and began our investigation by making some predictions based on pictures of skulls we found online. Right now, our number one suspects are raccoon, weasel, fox, or a deer. Next week, we’ll classify the type of teeth we found and make comparisons of the teeth from our predictions. We’ll try to narrow it down or eliminate animals based on new information found.

Please enjoy these photos of our joyful, brilliant, curious, hilarious, and wonderful littles.

I can’t wait to have them all in person next week :)


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