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Week 30 - Guest Blogger, Calvin

Hi, my name is Calvin and I’m going to write this blog today. This will be about my favorite parts of the day and what I did with my friends.

In Art this week, we had free time with clay in Mary’s classroom. I made a wave for my boat that I made last week. I also made a pinch pot for my plants at home. We also went to the swamp at County Farm Park. I was really interested in drawing this pit that had water coming out of it.

I liked the ELA stories that we read this week about the National Parks. We have learned about Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and the Redwoods. My favorite park so far is the Grand Canyon because I love to see desert land when it’s in a book, not just when it’s in a picture. I was really enjoying drawing my pictures of the parks because I love drawing and making crafts, so that was extra special to me.

Today in Math, we had to do presentations. We each showed our math games that we created. I really liked Lynn and Dayton’s game because it looked very fun and it was! I really like to see that people showed how fun their math games were. I really liked when everyone stood up and clapped, it made me laugh in my brain.

I had really fun time playing with Augustus and Gem at County Farm Park today because we were reenacting parts WWII. It was a lot of fun running around and it got my energy ready to write this blog. I have many friends that I like to play with!

Thank you for reading this blog. Goodbye! This is Calvin. Make sure to read Calvin’s blog on Friday!!!



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