• Tate Alvarez

Week After Break

The week after break was such a good one. Here are some of our highlights:

Above are photos of students in Science with Shan, checking out some optical illusions and testing out their reflexes!

On Tuesdays, both 1/2 classes got together to share research as well as determine their roles within their groups! Roles included specialists, nutritionists, and athletic trainers.

On Tuesday we also completed our biographical study of Dr. Charles Drew and created a timeline of his life that is on display outside of our classroom!

We also begun our Black History Month gratitude wall, beginning with Dr. Drew and Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler. Some have chosen to write thank you notes, impressive facts, and poems and drawings for African American doctors who have paved the way in the field of medicine.

Thrusday marked our 100th day of school and to celebrate we collected nonperishable food items for a food bank! We tallied a total of 196 items that students brought in, almost doubling our targeted goal!!

My favorite time of the week was having Rook as our special reader. He read to our class as well as to some preschool friends. He did such an amazing job!!

Here's to another good week!


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